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If you're anything like the majority of people living in the Cincinnati/ Dayton area the answer is because your attic is under insulated. There are two reasons for under insulated attics. First being, the attic was never at an appropriate level for this climate. Secondly, the insulation in the attic has settled and compressed over time. In the past building code never required much insulation at all. A simple test to wether or not you have enough insulation is if you can see the wooden joists in your attic? Most joists are 7.5'' tall. Depending on what kind of insulation is existing that means you have around a R-19 level. The recommendation for this climate zone is between an R-49 and an R-60, which is between 18-22''. Simply put, the R value is how well insulation keeps air from passing through it. Lower values mean more air passes through. The more air escaping into your attic means your furnace needs to heat new air to take its place. No wonder our furnaces run constantly all winter. Escaping air not only is inefficient, it often times also causes ice damming issues on the roof top. If you don't have 18'' to 22'' of insulation , or are unsure of the amount you currently have contact us today. 

Our Process

           The first step in getting a properly insulated home is to either; call us at (513) 409-1978, Email to, or fill out the contact form. We can assist in setting a time that works with your schedule. 
           Set aside 30-45 minutes for us to inspect your attic and put together a quote for you. Don't worry this isn't a drawn out sales pitch you've heard from other home remodeling companies about energy savings and junk. We aren't salespeople, we're here to leave you with a great honest price, without all the gimmicks and sales tactics. We're here to help, and to earn your business by having great products, honest open pricing, along with the absolute best installation process. 
            We will measure your existing insulation levels and calculate how much more is necessary to bring you up to an appropriate level. We can do R-49 or R-60 ( the costs are surprisingly  similar.) We will also calculate the amount of baffles necessary to keep your attics air exchange through the intake soffit vents adequate. We will also look at ways to encase your entrance to the attic to keep it insulated, but keep the pink fluff in the attic only. 
            We will leave you with a quote and await your call ,when you're ready to have the project completed let us know and we'll get you scheduled. The install should only take one day and is painless. All we need is somewhere to access the attic and a power outlet, we'll do everything else. 

            If attic insulation is something you think you could benefit from let us know and we can get this process started. 

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